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SAN traing institues in bangalore?

can anyone suggest if there are any san training institues in bangalore?

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Please explain SAN?

5 years ago
this is how it went when I was in the Navy, You arrive with your own bag in hand. They will make you dump the bag out on to a large table in front of you. A man will walk buy quickly and point to whatever you can’t keep and will tell you to put it in to a box they give you. This box will be mailed home at your expense. They don’t check anything. They take all bottles at face value. If you have a small bottle that says shampoo, they will let you keep it. They won’t pick it up and smell it or anything. you will not be allowed to keep any clothing. Girls are allowed to keep white underwear, but men are given military issue underwear. If you want to bring your ipod for the trip or something, that’s fine, but just realize that it will be boxed up and mailed home once you get to boot camp. I’m sure there are some differences with the air force from the Navy, but hopefully it was helpful.