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preschool language lesson plans?

I need two language lesson plans that aren’t reading a stupid book or some rhymes.

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I don’t know of any books off the top of my head – but I used to teach and was an assistant teaching director at a language school, so I hope I can pass along some ideas. I apologize if some of them seem obvious! 😛

(1) Pick broad weekly topics (i.e. My Family) then each day of the week, teach about 3-8 new vocaulary words (depending on their level).

(2) do different activities involving the topic (i.e making a family portrait)

(3) Create 2-3 easy simple sentence patterns for them to recite. (Who is this? This is my mother; Is this your sister? No, this is my brother; etc. you get the idea).

I don’t know what other things you have in your school’s curriculum? But I think it is also a great idea to incorporate a weekly rhyme. The kids love rhymes and it does help them with their speaking and I am sure you already have story time incorporated within the school’s plan as well.

Another thing that we used to do at my school are word families – each week we word learn a new word family:

for example: -ar

then we would go through some words in the -ar family such as bar, car, jar, tar…you can show them pictures associated with these. In my school, after every word group, we would hang them up on the walls so the kids could see them daily.

We also had a math program once a week.

I hope that these ideas help or can at least give you a jump start on some different ideas!


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Well you could make animal masks and give one to each child tell them to give you the sound and move like that animal. when you are finished with that Make them draw there favorite animal. Tell them to pick a partner and go on an adventure. Hide animals around the room tell them do you see what I see a monkey in a tree it just can’t be or something of that nature each time they find an animal give them a real picture of that animal to put in a mini scrapbook. Much Love,

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Try to google “preschool letters and sounds” and see if this leads you anywhere. Good luck! Abeka has some great preschool teaching books, especially letters and sounds for preschoolers.

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You can try having word search, and crossword puzzle, or work game in the form board game.

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get a degree so u learn some teaching skills