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Please help! this is an article!?

Ok. I’m sending this on hw help, and preschool, because there may be grammars, and for those who do not know much about childcare, it may sound good, when if i’m wrong….those who know about childcare, can correct me. This should be divided into paragraphs between ==cost, location, safety, star rating, staff, facilities and curriculum….I need help making sure these are divided correctly, and if there are further helpers, please help!!

*When parents are looking for childcare services, there are many things they should notice. For one, when arriving at a childcare center, keep in mind how the provider presents him or herself. Notice the type of clothing and jewelry they may wear, along with their attitude of having guest. An important factor in choosing a great caregiver is to seek those who tend to show passion for their job and towards others.

*Another thing visitors should always notice is the cleanliness within the building . Parents should search for a clean, stable environment

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first sentence: things parents should notice. better word choice would be “observe” or “take note of.”

You dropped an article: “along with the attitude of having A guest.” This is, to me, an awkward construction anyway, and not quite clear. What does clothing/jewelry have to do with how good the provider is? Either drop it or explain further. Should parents be concerned if provider is dressed in a silk suit with a huge diamond and dragon lady nails? I would be because it’s obvious that a provider cannot interact with a child in a suit that will stain with jewelry that will cut and nails that can hurt. But if that’s your point, it needs to be stated. I would just drop it, because if the parent’s initial contact is with an office person, a more dressy attire WOULD be appropriate.

Another thing visitors should always notice: again, notice is a poor choice. They should look for, be aware of, observe, check for. Give an example or two of cleanliness. Look for dirty walls, cots stored away from other areas, check the bathroom: even if it looks clean, it may smell. If there’s a strong urine smell, steer clear.

Next paragraph: This is not a sentence, it’s a fragment. And why should you look for cabinets and areas that are closed off? Is it because naeyc advocates open areas and free choice for children? Is it because you want parents to make sure that cleaning supplies are in closed cabinets? Is it because you want parents to check for adequate art materials that may be in cabinets? This needs to be clearly stated.

Next paragraph: parents also need to look for pictures, etc that are on the children’s eye level. 2nd sentence: whaaa? Do you mean this: Bulletin boards and posters seen around the room can also give clues as to what the class is studying. or: Posters and pictures around the room can help you determine what the class’ focus is. or: Artwork around the room can help you see what skills the teacher focuses on with her class, such as cognitive skills, fine motor, etc,etc. By the way, there should not be a comma after “such as.”


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