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How to decide between your top 2 colleges?? Any pointers???

All i need are what things i should be looking for that i may have forgotten.

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The best thing you can do is go visit your top two schools.

Even if you’ve visited before, go back, and see about sitting in on some classes, or even staying over night to really get a feel for each campus.

All colleges can make themselves look good on paper, but visiting in person will show you all the little flaws each college has that they don’t print in the booklets


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Dina K
Do a pros and cons list:


Majors available

Minors available

Graduation rate

Average salary after graduation for your chosen field or in general

HOw close is the school to where you want to end up living/working

Social life at school

Extracurricular activities avail at school


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Did you go visit? That can make a big difference.