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Writing essay?

To apply for a local community college I took a placement exam. I performed fairly well and especially in English. I placed in English 131 and now have the oppurtunity to take a proficiency exam and move into 132. The exam will be three essays which all must be written within 30 days. That is, I must write the third essay no more than 30 days after I write the first essay. I will be writing on a computer at the school and the essays will be graded by three professors.

OK, I’m wondering how or where I can find essay practice. Or, just how I can practice writing essays. And, if anyone has any advice on essay writing.

The counselor, who made my schedule and presented me with this offer, said that five students have tried and that none have succeeded!

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Regardless of the subject matter you would be writing about, an essay is a carefully structured composition containing introduction, paragraphs to deliver your main point and of course a conclusion. All these three must be unified to produce a good essay. Your title and thesis statement should be catchy and make sure that your idea ties the essay together.

Here are other tips:

1. If a topic is provided then make it more specific when you start writing. Let your ideas flow but make sure they are unified and coherent with each other.

2. Focus on your main point. Think of your audience or would be readers. (Do you think they will understand what you are trying to say or write?)

3. Once you had expressed your main point, start writing with your examples, details and facts to prove your point.

4. Write a very good conclusion to convince.

5. If you have the luxury of time, review and polish your essay before submission. (spelling, grammars etc.)


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Actually, Yahoo Answers is a great place to practice writing essays. Answer lots of questions, completely and accurately. Keep an eye on your “best answer” percentage to see how well you are doing.

Keep in mind that the standards on grammar and such here are very low. Enforce higher standards for yourself.

The more answers you write, and the more varied the subject matter, the more easily essays will come to you when you are presented with a topic.


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Your papers and essays for other courses are good judges of your writing skills. Ask your other professors for critiques of your papers, writing skills and constructive criticism.