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Why do so many people want to become doctors? Is it the fame, wealth, or the social status?

I believe that most students who study science want to enroll in a professional school, and I imagine a large number of them are interested in studying medicine. Why do you want to be a doctor?

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I’m not sure that I’m the person who should be answering this as I am not a doctor nor studying to be one. However, if I had the time and money, I would go back to school to study medicine. My reason would not be for fame or wealth, but rather because I have a huge interest in newborn genetics. My son has a metabolic disorder that is very rare and it is difficult finding doctors who understand the disorder. My reasoning would be to fill a “need” that I think our society has – even though many people don’t know it. : )

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Maybe the reason is because science fascinates and intrigues them, like me. I am a Medical Technologist with a BS in clinical laboratory science and a minor in chemistry. I never wanted to be a Dr but, have always been fascinated with science

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Dare to ask?
i would hope that its because they want to help people and don’t mind on being sued every now and then but i do believe maybe some who do enroll into that for wealth and status. they are also the ones who don’t make it i would also hope.

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money hon, its always about the money !!