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which is better for photography: pcdi, penn foster or university of phoenix?

just wanted to know any opinions from anyone whos taken any class at these schools? just wanting to know, so i can get started! thank you very much… i’m looking into going for photography, basically weddings and portraits! -ash

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Good luck on your photographic future. I’m not sure that any college can give you the quality of education and experience that you could gain by assisting for an established photographer. The trick would be to find one who wouldn’t abuse you by making you work ridiculous hours at little to no pay. On the other hand, many folks who enter photography for a living do so for their “art” and endure a life of poverty. I was a newspaper photojournalist for nearly ten years before I got out of the business. Now I just shoot for fun.

On the other hand, it’s very important for you to continue your education. I would suggest that you take some photography courses and build a portfolio. Meanwhile, choose another major that is marketable no matter what profession you get into.

Lastly, I can’t address PCDI or Penn Foster but there has been much negative publicity regarding University of Phoenix lately. You want to do some serious research before enrolling.


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