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What universities can I get into? ACT 28? GPA–extra curriculars?

So I’m a junior this year- and i was wondering what schools I could possibly get into with these scores?

ACT: 28

AP/Honors Classes: Modern Euro AP, Psych AP, Bio AP, Music Theory AP, Chem H

Extra curriculars:

Private Violin Lessons, MYA(Midwest Young Artsts Symph. Orch), Pit Orchestra (Soph./Jun), Track &Field (Fresh/Soph), Model UN(Fresh/Soph/Jun), Math Team (Fresh/Soph), Piano lessons(Fresh/Soph), Officer Position in Orchestra (Soph/Junior Year), Volunteer Program-20 hours a week for the the summer (Currently-Junior summer), 2 mission trips, Community Service (50 hours so far)

I was thinking of these schools:

DePaul University

Loyola University- Chicago

University fo Illinois-Urbana Champaigne

University of Illinois- Chicago

University of Wisconsin- Madison

University of Washington- Seattle

University of California- Santa Barbara

St. Louis University-Missourri

Michigan State University

Boston University

Which one of these would I get into? Any other additional schools in mind?

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With those credentials you’ll get into any of these schools.

Just keep it up, aim high. Watch your overall GPA too. 🙂