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Manni S

What to look for when searchin college websites?

For instance I want to be a college music proffessor, so I would need what kind of degree? What would my major be? Would I need a degree in Humanities, or in music? I know I need a teaching degre, but the only ones that I see are for kindergarten thru twelve! Can anyone help?! Please!!!

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Will B

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If you want to be a college music professor, study music. You do not need a teaching degree to teach in college, and in fact most of my colleagues have never had an education class – therein is a problem. Get a terminal degree in music, and that will depend if you are in performance or in other areas of music.

So, here is what you do. Go to any college web site that has a music department, find the links to the faculty, and see if you can find a resume for the faculty. The resume usually lists all colleges we ever attended. Every college web site will list the terminal degree, and college, for every faculty, or it should.

Faculty is all about our areas of specialization, so study music. Once in college spend time with music faculty, and other faculty, learning about the life we lead. It is quite different at different schools. You may even want a double major or major and minor like music and business, or something else.