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What kind of activities could you put on for a children’s activity day with the topic meteorology?

The activities have to be hands on to keep the children entertained and it would help if they linked in with the theme of Benjamin Franklin.

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Norm D

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Have students make a kite out of paper and string with straws for support (non-flying) or better materials to get one that will fly. Have them color pictures of kites, have them try the thunderstorm song, where they sit in a circle and follow the leader. The leader will start by tapping their fingers together, then rubbing their hands lightly, then lightly tapping hands, then hitting their thighs, then rubbing their hands together hard, then hitting the floor with their hands to simulate the sound of a rainstorm. After the thunderstorm peaks, you can work backwards to have the sound decrease. Depending on the age of the kids, you can get a whole bunch of newspaper, and have them crumple up the paper to make “snowballs” and when there is a good pile, just casually throw one at one of the kids. They will get the idea. I have sometimes told the kids that the crumpled paper is filler for an art project, so they don’t start throwing it around until I’m ready for it.

You could also have students make a windsock out of cloth, or a weathervane out of cardboard, and have students test them with a hair dryer or a fan.

Good luck with your project.