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What do we do?

My best friend Ciara and and I decided that we wanted to become Advise Columnists, we both give great advise, but we where wondering what class’s we will need to take now so insure that we know all that we need to know. We are in high school and we are doing this as partners, and we just wanted to know the high school and the collage class’s and how would we get noticed by the people we wish to be noticed by such as newspapers and magazines and such.

Thank you.

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English is a must. Maybe creative writing. Can you go online and see if any of the teen magazines are looking for freelance writers? It would be good experience for you and then you’d know if its something you want to pursue for your future. But I don’t know if there is a big market for advice columnists so you might want to broaden your career focus a little.

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hannah b
i would send the newspaper your work n see what they say


every one plz answer my question thts the link