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Alicia H

What are some reasons for transferring schools?

Me and my brother seriously need to get out of the school we go to now. The test scores are low, there are no good programs, and it’s been threatened to be closed twice. There’s a school that we want to go to, but the problem is convincing the school board that we need to go there.

We really have no other choices when it comes to this. We can’t afford private school, my mom won’t use someone elses address(not that I’d want her to), and we really just need some help with this…

Any suggestions?

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When my son was younger, I transferred him to a school that was close to my work. Unfortunately that didn’t work when he got into high school. I could find no work around, so I ended up moving the family to an apartment in that district. That was the only work around I could find.

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Read up on your policies and procedure book for your district. Contact your school superintendent, you need to go to the top, if not you then your parents. Remember the squeaky wheel gets heard, be the squeaky wheel. The town should provide transportation to the school, if they shouldn’t speak to the board of education again, stating clearly you want to move to a better school system where they can teach you the things you need to better yourself. You sound young, and independent, that’s good. Keep on going, don’t stop until you get an answer. Good luck.

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u could say that u feel that the school is not up to ur expectations or that u could do much better in a school that has a better environment or that colleges may not take u seriously (if ur in high school) if they see wat school u went to