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URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please help me by making sentences on these words?

to make out

to make off with

to drop off

to set off

to turn down

to break out


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In an attempt to make off with a better grade, I dropped off my assignment on Yahoo Answers. It set off a large number of people who turned me down and told me to break out of the mold of lazy student and do my own work.

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Becky M
Jack and Jill went up the hill to make out with each other.

The robbers went to the bank to make off with the money.

Megan went to drop off a cake at her mother’s house.


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-bob tried his best to make out who that girl was but he just couldn’t remember her.

-that mean girl wanted to make off with my boyfriend

-she had to drop off the letter at my house

-they had to set off the alarm when the robbers entered their house

-he felt really bad because he had to turn down the sweetest girl in school

-i had to break out off the house before the fire reached my room