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Should I cram, casually study, or just go on what I already know?

Ok well I have to take this test to get into the elementary education program to become a teacher. The test cost me $130.00 to take and is on three subjects: math, english, and writing. I was unaware of how big of a deal this test is and I just transfered from a community college so most of the class I have left to take I must be in the education program & I want to get it over sooner then later. I was unaware you have to reschedule 3 days in advance so I tried to reschedule or cancel it today and they told if I couldn’t. Now I am stuck taking this computerized test on Saturday morning. If I fail I have to pay the $130.00 again to retake it and can’t take it till next month. I am trying not to stress about it and my mom said take it and if you don’t pass that is ok I don’t mind paying for you to take it again next time.

I work all day tomorrow till about 6 and from then on I can study and I have the rest of the night off as of now.

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You mean the PPST? If so, that test is supposed to be a test over your basic skills in reading, math, and writing. Have you recently taken your Comp I and II courses and college algebra and done all right in them? If so, you will probably be okay. Did you go to the Praxis website and download the PDF that have sample test questions? The link is below. They have a PDF for each one of the areas, so I would just take some time studying each of those.

I work in Teacher Ed, and my students usually do fine on the reading and writing; if they are weak in math, they might struggle a little bit, but usually, they did fine on the Praxis I/ PPST. Are you taking the computer-version? For some reason, the scores are usually higher on the computer, plus you find out 2 of your 3 scores as soon as you finish; since the writing has to be graded by humans, you don’t get that score on the same day.

As far as cramming…I think it’s important to look over the sample test questions on the PDF that you can download, but I sure wouldn’t stay up all night cramming. It IS supposed to be over basic skills, so you if you are a solid student, you won’t have any trouble. I think it’s more important to get a good night’s sleep and be alert so you can read the questions carefully.

Good luck!



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You not in basic terms could save up with the paintings, yet be an afternoon forward. you may take time to examine each thing, and description chapters. Do each and all the homework, and something greater suitable you have time for. Getting good grades takes dedication. You get what you place into it. attempt to maintain song of ways plenty time you spend on issues. in case you get a A then you definately understand what it takes. something much less then you definately understand that greater time is needed. i take advantage of a million laptop in line with type. utilising index taking part in cards is likewise a great thank you to bear in mind issues. Get particularly some relax, workout, and consume perfect. Your well being can impact your result on grades. base line is to do the excellent which you would be able to. do not over do it. in case you are not getting the outcomes, and additionally you tried your superb then what’s IS. good success!

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That’s the kind of test you just have to go off of what you know…like the SAT, you can’t really ‘study’ for it. There are practice books available though at most bookstores for the Praxis, though. Get one of those and you’ll be prepared for what it will be like.

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Relax, make sure you get enough rest before the test, I truly believe that you are going to do just fine, I never did well by cramming but some people do!! Go in with confidence and know that you can do it!! Have faith in yourself!!

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Relax sweetie =) Just study like you usually would after you get off tomorrow and I’m sure all will be fine!