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Philip B

Online AAS in nursing??

Can someone please tell me “what schools online” offer an AAS in nursing. Please list schools only online.

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Hello I do know a very good online College that does offer Assiociate of Nusing.

Chamberlain College of Nursing

Here is a link to the site hope this will help you. They have 2 campuses make sure you see which state yours is under and apply at that campus. Good Luck! Need any more info feel free to email me.



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bypass to a certainly college with a certainly campus. you will shop a ton of money and earn a point that employers won’t laugh at. the thoroughly-online colleges will located you in huge debt for a valueless diploma. besides, nursing demands a medical (hands-on/internship) ingredient, and that i’ve got have been given study online nursing pupils being caught attempting to regulate for his or her very own clinicals– and no longer waiting to.

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I dont believe you can get an on line AAs in Nursing because there is so much hands on learning done in skills lab and during clinicals. You can only learn so much by reading. You cant learn to assess a patient by reading, words and pictures can only teach so much, actual contact is needed.

once you have your AAS and RN licensure, there are plenty of online programs to get your BSN. The difference is you already have proven basic compentcy and skills.