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need to write a research proposal on gender developement but dont understand please can anyone help!!!?

need to write a research proposal on gender developement but dont understand please can anyone help!!!?

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Can you specify what the topic is?

please. then i can help…


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If you are to the point in your education that you are doing a research proposal you should be able to come up with some ideas on your own.

Gender development – How toddlers or babies identify which gender they belong to, or how they react do people of different genders.

Gender development – How social status and economics pay a role in determining dominance as it relates to gender. Do strong male or female roles change the way in individual sees that gender?

Gender development – How gender characteristics form in an embryo or in a species.

Just some ideas, I don’t know how much research is already out there, but make sure to find some existing research before choosing any idea, you might come across something that really is interesting to you.


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Click on the link below and read on the relevant information you need to understand


The topics included are below…

theories of gender development

Theories About the Construction of Gender Identity (brief overview) (from Barbara F. McManus: College of New Rochelle)

Gender, Gender Identity, Sex-Roles, Etc (Definitions) (from About Gender)

Gender Differences (from About Gender)

Social Learning Theory (from About Gender)


Gender Constancy: Defined (at Gale Encyclopedia)

The Electra Complex: AKA Penis Envy (Just 4 Fun)


Beware of Gender-Stereotypes in the Workplace (by J. Sanders)

Cartoons Still Stereotype Gender-Roles (by C. Bryan: APA News)

Dolls, Truck, and Identity: Helping Educators Help Young Children to See Beyond Gender Stereotypes (by S. Zhumkhawala)

Facts of Life – Gender (Just 4 Fun)

Gender Issues in Children’s Literature (by M. Singh: ERIC Digests: 1998)

Gender Stereotypes and Sexual Archetypes (at The Friesian School)

Researcher Finds Gender-Stereotypes to be Accurate, Part of Nature (at APA Monitor)


Androgony: Masculine and Femine (by G. Gershaw, Ph.D.)

Bem’s Sex-Role Inventory (BSRI): Download Program (by R. Medley)

The Measurement of Psychological Androgony (G. Sturt, Ph.D.)


A Sexual Orientation Worksheet (by B. Roe)

Coping With Doubts About Your Sexual Identity (at Mind Publications)

Riddle Homophobia Scale (by D. Riddle)

Sexual Identity: Some Facts Psychologists Know (at U. of Cincinnati)

Sexual Identity is Far From Fixed in Women Who Aren’t Exclusively Heterosexaul (by B. Murrey: APA Monitor)

Sexual Orientation and Identity (by SIECUS)

Some Possible Reasons for Picking Your Sexual Identity (by J. Moore)

Your Sexual Identity is Revealed by… (Just 4 Fun)


3 Theories of Self and Gender Development (Classroom Assistant: Gleitman)

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