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My son wants to be a doctor.?

Well, I live in Toronto, Ontario, and my son,16 ,is going to Grade 11 next year. He does OK and gets mid-80s for his marks (84 for Math, 80 for Science, 88 for English). He told me to get him a tutor to prepare himself for Grade 11 as he wants to obtain at least a 90 average. I know as a mom and because i was a student before that getting a 90 is not easy at all. My question is, do you think my son will succeed in getting a 90? And if he will does he even have a chance to become a doctor? Knowing that he has to go through University, Medical School, his MCAT test etc… I would say he is a fairly hard-working student but he can sometimes be lazy and easily influenced. He’s a pretty good overall kid and his attitude is alright so i’m not worried. Next year will be tough for him since he wants to improve so much and i’m just worried that he will become very, very upset if he fails and loses his momentum and end up graduating with an even lower mark. Please give me some advice. Thanks

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Where there is a mind, there is an answer, as I like to say to myself.

If he really does put his mind to it, and you just guide him along, then, I am very confident that he can succeed.

As for his laziness and easy influence, try to make that place more firm, such as giving him responsible things to do, and a concise knowledge of what the world is like. Usually, the kids who end up “bad” are the ones that had little knowledge of the outside and wanted to explore.

If he does not happen to not get the grades he want, true, he will be disappointed, but he will be more disappointed if his parent’s show disappointment at him. If such a thing happens, just encourage him, and tell him that you are proud.

As for studying, the best course is to develop a well drawn out study program. Cutting down but not eliminating his “free time/material” to encourage studying will help, as well as mentioning the fact that if he pulls through well this year, then he can make it in, and be set for a secure future.


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The fact that your son has requested a tutor says something about his sincerity in this endeavor. Don’t quash this by any means. Be a great supporter, as well as a mom, as I am sure you already are. My daughter wanted to become a doctor, however I lacked the funds to send her to school for this. I encouraged her to get her nursing degree first and then go from there. She graduates with her RN in October, just after her 23rd birthday. Many doctors here will put a good nurse through further schooling for at least a P.A. Not shabby pay at best. By the way…my daughter has expressed her interest in becoming a doctor since she was 3!!!! Good luck to you and your son!

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really don’t worry about it now.

Medical schools look at your college’s GPA, the MCAT, and also the person, (i guess). also, he could change his mind by the time he graduates from high school and from college.

for now, just support him in getting his grades up. He seems like a great kid and keep encouraging him.


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I can’t imagine even thinking that a 90 average is hard to get. And who are you to discourage him? You’re his mother, you should be supportive!