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im thinking of learning guitar by joining up for online courses . wil it realy work out ?

also cn u guys sugest sm gud sites whr i can do online courses

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THere’s no substitute for live instruction-DVD’s and software have their place- if you really want to play, find some group lessons at a local nonprofit community music school or community college. You’re much better off there than the half-hour at the superstore from the hung-over metalhead who’s in between bands. The instructors at the music schools usually have degrees in the field, and the lessons are aboutthan what you’d pay at GC,and if you can demonstrate need, financial assistance is sometimes available.

The real advantage of group lessons is that since you are in with a group of students at about your ability, you can set up jam sessions outside of class. Having one or more partners can mean the difference between abandoning it after three months or taking your playing as far as you can. Remember – music is a social activity- if you’re sitting alone in your room, you probably won’t go very far- Good Luck!


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Collide by Howie Day. First song I learned. Just listen to your iPod. Find a song you want to learn, search “(name of song) Tab” on Google and see if the chords are ones you know how to play. Even if you don’t, most tab websites have it so that you can put your curser over the chord and it shows you where to put your fingers on the strings. Pretty sweet. I’m teaching myself guitar and must say that I am very thankful for the chord help. I did the same thing. Heard a song on my iPod, searched for it, looked to see if I knew the chords or if I would be able to play them and then yeah. Have fun!

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Jon M
It can work as long as you are willing to put in the practice and have patience. Those are the two most important words in learning to play guitar.

But at the same time it always helps to have a person sit down with you and show you.