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im a dance coordinator for a high school and i need some ideas for the back to school dance.so IDEAS PLEASE!?

any themes from your high school dances that you liked.

or just any themes that you just like!

anything! i am open to any ideas!

it doesnt have to be just for back to school dance

but for any high school dance! 🙂 thanksss<3

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OK first you want to avoid the common themes that schools try to shove down students throats like love or anything like it. In fact forget the theme altogether just call it a dance but make sure its the best dam dance any one has ever attended you can do this by making sure there are plenty of fire eaters there another sure fire hit is to give out condoms at the door because every one is definitely having sex after wards. wait forget I said not to have a theme a real bad *** theme would be a prison dance either that or a viking dance either one would be fantastic

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I would try to do something that reflects this time. A big movement in the news is everyone “going green”. If you really brainstorm it could be fun! I think a personal favorite has to be 80’s night. It gives everyone a chance to have fun with the theme! Another theme that could reflect the times is a “Celebrity Theme” Like one of the others said it could be an Oscar theme. Kids are going to relate more with MTV Video/Movie awards, but due to copyrighting you want to avoid any lawsuits. I would love to do a dance that is all “teen” movie inspired. It’s only been 5 years since I left high school, so I would hope my ideas are still somewhat young and hip!

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I just graduated from High School, and I have to say… One thing that disappointed me about my prom was that, because it was put on by the juniors, the juniors did what the juniors wanted.. One thing they could have done differently was poll the seniors on themes and see which was the most popular and go with that.

If you have time, during the first week of school, maybe arrange for all the classrooms (1st period) to take a vote.

I did go to my friends high school dance, and one thing I liked about it was they hired a DJ and had a “Big Screen”… and while everyone was dancing and having a good time, the DJ would have a camera and film everyone on the dance floor, and everyone would show up on the “big screen”

They had it set up with the theme “A Night at the Oscars”

They decorated all the tables with large dark red table clothes with a smaller black table cloth over the red one. They also had Hershey Nuggets (“Gold”) in the middle of the tables in little bowls (you can even buy some play Oscar trophies for the center pieces here http://www.nvo.com/creativetrophie/oscaraward/list.nhtml ) and custom napkins ( http://www.kardwell.com/napkins.htm ) that also read “A Night at the Oscars” (black napkins, gold lettering).

For the entrance they had a red carpet and to the right and left of the carpet they had stars so it would be like the walk of fame. The dance coordinater also asked a few volunteers to stand on the side of the red carpet and take pictures like the paparazzi.

(Example of my star: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v607/x1xbbx7x/Star.jpg )

But putting all the students names who are attending, you could choose a few actual celebrity names and put them along the “Walk of Fame,” or you could write out the names of all the seniors who are graduating this year.

Also, along a back wall the had little “entree” dishes set up.. little finger foods and cookies, water and sodas. It was great.

It was the best dance I had ever been to, everyone there loved it, and that was unfortunate because it wasn’t even my school!!

Good Luck with whatever you do, hopefully its a hit!


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You could go with 50’s 60’s or 70’s theme, they all seem popular. How about a Southern theme or even a costume thing?

Potter seems to also be popular but I don’t know the kids.

Even a rock star theme may fly but the dress code may suffer.

Good luck