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I was accused of cheating what should I do?

Yesterday in my english class, I was quietly working on my work, when my teacher started yelling about how she wished she could just grade one paper because everyone cheats anyhow. Then she calls out another girls names along with mine and used us as an example for the class. She sat beside me for one day and I helped her with 3 or 4 problems out of 80(give or take). I didn’t cheat and I don’t think my teacher is going to take off any points but it bugs me that my teacher would think that i would do something like that what should i do

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A few days ago

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Was the assignment one you were supposed to be able to work together on? If not, then by “helping”, even with 3 or 4 problems, you were technically cheating. The teacher is probably frustrated with the amount of cheating and yesterday she had had enough. That means you were the unlucky one who got singled out. You can go to the teacher privately and explain your side of it (that you didn’t understand that helping with a couple of problems would be considered cheating) and apologize and promise not to do it again. Showing that kind of maturity should make the teacher respect you more and be less likely to single you out again.