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I need Reliable websites that are Education or Organization for my assignment?

This is my assignment:

Create a “lecture” that includes the following topics:

1. When to begin the transition from breast or bottle to cup and solid foods. Consider:

a. infant’s signals

b. Infant’s physical maturation

c. Nutritional Needs

d. Timing, in relationship to other things going on in the lives of parent and child

e. Other?

2. Techniques for a smooth and respectful transition

3. Beginning Solid Foods

a. Age/physical development

b. Tools/utensils

c. Making the experience pleasant and in tune with the child’s needs

d. Foods to begin with and progress to

e. Strategies to reduce wasted food

f. Strategies to prevent overfeeding

g. Prepared vs. homemade food

h. Avoiding Pesticides

4. Conflicting information

a. Report on sources of information you found that seemed to offer conflicting advice

b. Report on information you found that seemed to conflict with your personal views

5. Provide a list of references for all sources you researched. A minimum of 5 is required

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Try La Leche League international


La Leche in the USA


Kid’s Health