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i am confused about career?

i am an indian student (16yo).i am studying in class 11th. i have taken up science stream with maths. i have also taken up a coaching class but coaching classes are starting next week. I have studied for about 1 week in school now, but now i feel that i did the wrong decision by taking science. i had taken this just because i saw all my friends taking it up and my family always wanted me to take science because i am from a place where people believe that medical and engineering are the only fields where one can get a good job.

I am finding physics very difficult. i want to change my stream to commerce. can you advise what are the scopes in commerce stream? what should i look inside me to see whether i am suited to commerce?

my school will readily change the stream but the problem is my coaching classes. i have paid 50000 indian rupees to them and as they say, they won’t refund the money if i cancel it. my coaching classes are starting next week.

please help, i am very confused

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i too have the same confusion when i finished 10th..

But now i finished 12th. Commerce is not at all a bad course.

lot of students wanted in commerce field.. you can do B.com(C.A) .it is a very good course. As like me most students enter the field of engg.

But u are telling that physics is hard. As you are not interested to study that group, you feel all the subjects as a hard thing.. I too take the sciennce stream… It is not much tough at all.

Boldly, Speak with your parents as i feel so hard to study this group…. Otherwise ask them to take you for a councelling to an educationalist….

Alright… Let’s see wat is important for u to choose commerce…

Ask questions for urself????

(1) Are you confident to study commerce?

(2)Are you strong in mathematics?

(3)Are you interested in learning maths and managing account papers?

(4)If you choose the commerce group, will the money you had paid for your coaching classes make any disturbances in your mind in your future?

(5)Can you give a best result when you choose commerce through out your 11th and 12th classes??

if the answer for all the questins except 4th one is yes, then you go ahead … Choose the commerce group…

Otherwise, Please don’t choose it…..

Scopes for commerce :

chatered accountant

Can appear for civil service exams..

Can go for bank jobs….

also, you can go for teaching line…

i think this is useful for you….. All the very best… Be careful in choosing ur answer….. Take Care…


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hem n
Hi, You are very young and confused about your career. Well everyone is. You say you just joined Science since your friends did. Its a myth that Science graduates do well in life. Well you need to be focused on what you do and choose.

To check whether you have liking for commerce is you should like little bit of maths, economics, trading, accounting, legal issues. The scope of commerce filed is very large and not limited to any industry. You can do CA / CS / ICWA / CPA / CFA .. you can work as finance manager which will not limit you to any industry.

On the other hand you have already commited 50,000 to your classes so you have to be careful in what you choose, since a known devil is better than an unknown devil. Grass is always green on the other side. May be you may not understand accounting as you find physics hard to digest.

Well I suggest, you stick to you line – Science and work hard for physics for 2 years and later you can choose your line which will not involve physics. You can always do your MBA in Finance after Science graduation.

Best of Luck in what ever decision you make.