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how does no child left behind affect k-2 graders because the standardized test is for grades 3 and up?

oh yeah and did they pass it again?

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There are still standards for K-2.

In my district we now have benchmark tests every 6 to 8 weeks as early as preschool. If a child fails the benchmark test they are then tested every week. Their progress is graphed and monitored. Interventions are given to the child based on their weekly progress.

Additionally, there is still the “script” of our daily lives. In my district they are so petrified that teachers will “waste time” teaching things that aren’t on the standardized test, that they have scripted our lives hourly, even in K-2. If we are found teaching something at the wrong time of the day, (like math in the morning, or reading before spelling), or the wrong concept on a day, (like the “th” sound to a child who was absent the week it was taught, when they have designated that it is the “sh” week), we get written up and have to go to a review board and state our case. The “writing up” doesn’t stop there. My friend was “written up” for singing a song about subjects and predicates during the time of the day for grammar on the week of subjects and predicates. The problem? The song didn’t come from the core curriculum program and therefore was deemed unacceptable. It didn’t matter that there wasn’t a core curriculum song that covered subjects and predicates. If it isn’t in the scripted core curriculum program, it cannot be used in the classroom.

Obviously the ramifications of NCLB have gone much farther than a standardized test at the end of the year in 3rd grade and up.

As far as it being reauthorized, there is no information as of yet, but my guess is that it will be reauthorized, with some changes. Hopefully ones that address the impact of the scores of second-language learners, learning disabled children, children new to a class/school/district/ or education in general, on the status of a school. Moreover, I hope that the great difference between the state standards and what each considers proficient will be eliminated.