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How DO YOU LEARN TO PAY Bills?How do I teach myself to pay bills? 10 points for best answer.?

I am 19 years old and I keep saying I will move out in 7 years well, I know I will have to pay bills, if I wanna have my own house or whatever, I know you pay them with a check or money order, I don’t know how much that will cost, but I just found I have a bill from men’s health the bill is $24 and change I think, well the letter the bill came it had my name on the front, I was told to get a starting job before I move to being a celebrity, I have a passion for music and lots of people in my school have

been telling me to go on American idol, well I am going to go to college first and learn all about music and the music industry

first, I emailed Oprah telling her to make my wildest dreams come true of meeting Tina Turner, I wanna be able to learn how to pay my own bills before I graduate from college, so I wanna know if it was a good idea for me to print up tons of pages that will teach me how to pay bills because I already know stuff about paying bills with a money order, credit card?

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I learned the hard way. I had always lived at home until my marriage, and my husband took care of all our business until he had to leave to go on basic training. I was very good at writing checks for this and that, but had never thought it through, that bills had to be paid, and someone had to do it. He had never dreamed that I was so stupid in this area (usually, I stay on top of things, but I was a new mother, lots of responsibilities, etc………….) Anyway…………

One day I got a call from our bank. It was obvious to them that something was wrong, so they invited me to come explain. When I did, they were very understanding, waived all the NSF fees, and gave me a crash course in reconciling a checkbook.

Basically, this is what you do:

1) Determine what amount of money is required to live as you plan to.

2) You do not have enough money to live as you have been at mom’s place, so find another place to live, or a roommate.

3) Get this cost of living thing worked out; determine what you will be earning, what your possible roommate will be earning, and decide how all bills will be paid. (50-50 is best on rent and utilities, except phone.) Each should have his/her own phone, and groceries are usually an issue. Make an agreement that you will buy what you eat, and they will buy their own food as well. Then keep the pact. Any problem in this area are a guaranteed roommate split-up motivators.

4)Budget your earnings, allocating an amount equivalent to that required to pay all your part of all bills. Pay your bills immediately so that there are no over-due charges assessed. Pay only your share of each charge, and have a before-hand agreement that if one of you does not pay, and an over due charge is applied to your account, the late payer will be fully responsible for paying it. Never let a roommate get more than one month behind paying any bill. Try to always have one or 2 prospects to take his/her place if you must throw him/her out. Believe me, once this problem begins, it only gets worse. (Also, do not be this kind of roommate to your pal–you might find yourself out on the street.)

5)Be SURE that you have money in the bank to pay every bill. Each overdrawn check will cost you $20-$50–banks can arbitrarily charge whatever they want. (Which brings up another point–shop for your bank. Get parents’ advice on this one.)

6)Learn to sacrifice. You cannot go out every night if you plan to pay your bills on time with a good check. You may only get to go out once a week, instead of 5-7 times. You may even have find a friend who enjoys board games or cards or watching TV or rented movies, and NEVER go out for a while. But whatever you do——DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON RECREATION, CLOTHES, ACCESSORIES, DINING OUT OR ANY OTHER UNESSENTIAL ACTIVITIES UNTIL YOU HAVE A LITTLE CUSHION OF CASH IN YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT . It is tough to have to admit your failure and move back home, in debt and hungry because you planned and behaved poorly. You are an adult now–never go backwards from there!

Wishing you the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I almost forgot this–reconcile your checkbook as soon as it comes every month. If you know how much (or how little) you have to spend, let that be your guide.

Tithe 1st, then bills, then try to save a bit, then have fun with that extra $1.25!


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work out a payment scale, by the job that u have u have 2 see what u can afford before u just sign up for the best of something. once u have enough a good paying job move out and rent an apartment or something and it will fit in.