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Help with Spanish Project?

I lost my Spanish notebook and all my vocab words =[

And I have a Spanish menu project due on Wendnesday.

I’ll give best answer to whoever can give me a lengthy list of vocab words (english with spanish translation) of foods that you would find at like a typical diner.

Thanks soo much in advance!

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Cheeseburger- Hamburguesa con queso

Grilled Chicken sadwich- Sandwich de pollo a la parrilla

Vegetable soup- Sopa de vegetales

baked potato- Papa al horno

fried shrimp- mariscos fritos

mashed potatoes- pure de papas

steamed veggies- vegetales al vapor

Tuna fish sandwich- sandwich de atun

fried chicken breast- pechuga de pollo frita

baked chicken- pollo al horno

yellow rice- arroz amarillo

rice and beans- arroz con habichuelas

fish- pescado

skirt steak- churrasco

salad- ensalada


eggs- huevos

scrambled eggs- huevos revueltos

toast- tostadas

bacon- tocino

fried egg- huevo frito

ham- jamon

what else do you need?


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I found a couple of websites with lists of many, many words to do with food and food preparation. It would take way too long to cut and paste them into an answer, but you can visit the sites yourself. When you see the words, you will probably remember which ones were on your vocab list.


Look about halfway down the page for the food lists.




Hope these help you.


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can you use an electonic translater, if you can’t try a dictionary

what about about a chicken themed restaurant

chicken being pollo

how about pollo con queso (chicken with cheese)

pasta con pollo (pasta with chicken)

hamburguesa de pollo ( a chicken hamburger)