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Baby Jane

Good paying jobs in the veterinary feild?

Other than a vetirinarian and veterinary technician ( I heard technicians get paid only $10-$15 per hour) what are some other good paying jobs in the veterinary field? And how much do they pay?Also, what kind of schooling would they require?

The cost and time of school to become a verterinarian is unrealistic for me, so I want to know other jobs in the same field.

Thanks a bunch in advance.

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what you think is a good paying job when you are young, isn’t going to be a good paying job when you are older. 10-15 bucks an hour might seem like a lot to you. But if you ever have a family and kids, that wont be enough to raise them right.

I think you are making a mistake setting your career goals so low. You like veterinary medicine….set you goal a little higher…BECOME A VET!