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Give me Site-Names……….?

I want to know abt computer courses that useful for job….like j2ee – SAP – ERP – Citrix……….so want good sites frm where i can have proper information abt the courses…..thank you…..

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There are plenty of things that you can do. if you have the right resources like a Computer and internet, you can learn as much stuff as possible. You can download a lot of free trial software and install them and self-learn them. You can learn Oracle , PeopleSoft easily. they are very easy to learn. Learn Oracle SQL, PL/SQL , DBA stuff if possible. also learn PeopleSoft which is very easy to learn as compared to SAP. SAP can be learnt easily if some one guides you in the appropriate directions.

On side wise, learn PHP and HTML programming. it helps to have this skills in the long term.

try the below sites that gives you free tutorials, how to download and install the software and also resources on how to get started