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Comment(s) on selected list of US-Universities for chemical Engineering?

I am thinking of going for MS in Chemical Engineering in the US. I have selected a few Universities keeping in mind- acceptance rate for students having average GPA (65-70%) , Cost, % of foreign students, average GRE score (1150-1300) and most important: on-campus recruitment.

the universities are listed below:

1. Drexel Univ

2. Brown Univ.

3. Vanderbilt Univ.

4. Nebraska Univ.

5. Kansas State Univ.

6. Cleveland State Univ.

7. University of California-Irvine

8. SUNY at Buffalo

9. West Virginia University

10. University of Pittsburgh-Main Campus

11. University of Tulsa

12. University of Kentucky

peers/friends kindly let me know:

(A) If my list is good enough from the point of view of afforability and On-campus recruitment?

(My nationality is Indian)

(B) Any suggestion for alteration in the list?

(C) Any valuable advice is most welcome.

Thanks all.

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ooh vanderbilt is wonderful. i know many people who go there and they love it. Brown is good too. vandy is number 18 in the nation and brown is like number 6 or something

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The engineering software at UL Lafayette is staggering. UL is an outstanding college for teachers, analyze, extracurricular events and pupil existence. that is an outstanding length and is definitely one of these large fee for certainly one of these large practise