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Cima or Medical help?

I graduated from Medical University outside EU and UK so my Medical Diploma is not recognised here ( I am in the the UK at the moment because of my husband’s work) , so to prove my Diploma here too complicated process so i decided to change my career and begin CIMA.I can see myself with better job with CIMA in the future rather than struggling with Medical Diploma,but i know it is gonna be difficult to begin something comletely new.What do you think is it a right decision ? I am especially interested to hear from doctors who had the same problems as me….

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Sounds like you are at the point where your DESTINY is in choice… You may want to contact some Dr.’s in those fields and be prepared to just be able to talk to their nurses…

Once your husband is set in location, check for a mentor to further your talent and skills much further then you might of thought…