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ashley a

Would this be ok to combine these two degrees for a career?

A masters in Public Administration with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice…. Do you think that those two degrees can be combined in some way?

Also, If I wanted to be an administrator of some sort in the CJ field, would an M.P.A. be useful? if not give me some suggestions on what masters degree I should get.

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The MPA certainly will not hurt you except that you MAY appear overqualified for entry level positions.

You will probably have to pass (in the US) a civil service exam to get hired.

You COULD also go for the MS in CJ, (look at John Jay College in NYC or Kaplan Online for some general info on that degree) but that may be highly specific. The MPA will be more general and will open up more possibilities in the event that CJ admin jobs are scarce.


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Keith W
A criminal Justice degree is not worth much outside of the Justice Environment. Also civil service does not pay well @ all.