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worse or worst?

i’ve seen and heard many people use the word “worse” when saying “what is the worse thing you’ve ever done” or “what is the worse book you’ve read”… i was taught that the correct word to use is “worst” as in “what is the worst book you have read”. What is the correct word to use? is “worse” even a word?

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1. Consider how many things you are comparing.

2. Use ‘worse’ if you’re comparing two things: “I think eggplant is worse than squash, but that’s just my opinion.”

3. Use ‘worst’ if you’re comparing multiple things: “I disagree. Eggplant and boiled cabbage are both vile, but squash is the worst!”


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In that sentence worst would be correct. But worse is a word. Like saying it could always be worse. You wouldn’t want to say worst.

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You’re quite right. “Worst” is an adjective, as in “the worst book you’ve ever read”.

“Worse” is definitely a word. It is a comparative adverb, as in “I did it worse than he did, he did it better than I did”.

Also in “for better or worse” etc.


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ths is used whn u compare 2 or more things.

such as :

He’s really bad but that boy is worse.


ths is used whn u cnt compare 2 or more thngs and ur sure that there is nothng “”worse”” thn tht thng,

Such as:

Even though that boy is bad, and this one is worse, but the one over there is the worst of them all.


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Jeff B
I’ll give examples…first, worse is a word.

That Laura Bush, she’s had the WORST plastic surgery I’ve ever seen! and….

Had her surgery been any WORSE, her smile would be around where her eyebrows used to be!

Of course, PrideBoi, this is just an EXAMPLE…I don’t mean to imply that Pickles…er…Mrs. Bush, has had work done. Just giving examples…possibly even amusing ones…have you shaved yet, you cute thing?