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what is the difference between being slender and skinny?

i’m reallyyyyyy skinny but people call me slender and slim. but people say that you can’t be both


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slim and slender are nice words to describe a female form. skinny and scrawny are derogatory terms.

if you are happy with being skinny then that is okay. usually skinny people want to gain some weight, but people who are slender are where they want to be

and you can be whatever term you want to be. the people who tell you you cannot be skinny or slender are just full of it. they are probably jealous,


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It’s about connotation – the ’emotional feel’ of a word. ‘Skinny’ sounds negative, but ‘slender’ and ‘slim’ are both positive in connotation. If you had to describe a person who is very thin, and do so in her hearing, you’d chose ‘slim’ rather than ‘skinny’, even if ‘skinny’ is what you meant.

Same goes for ‘fat’ (-) and ‘plump’ (+).


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slender is when u are average weight but on the slim side and skinny is when u are underweight and your bones stick out

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Define Scrawny

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I guess slender would mean not fat, and skinny would be very thin. I hope that helps.