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what are the 20 most important things that happend in the years 1800-1865?

i have an extra cred assighnment and i have to find 20 most important things that happend… plezzzz help…

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1) 1800-April 24 – U.S. Library of Congress founded.

2) 1800-June 2 – First smallpox vaccination in North America, at Trinity, Newfoundland.

3) 1812- October 13 – War of 1812: Battle of Queenston Heights – As part of the Niagara campaign in Ontario, Canada, United States forces under General Stephen Van Rensselaer are repulsed from invading Canada by British and native troops led by Sir Isaac Brock.

4) 1814- May 30 – The First Treaty of Paris is signed returning France’s borders to their 1792 extent. Napoleon I of France is exiled to Elba on the same day.

5) 1815- June 18 – Battle of Waterloo ends the Napoleonic wars.

6) 1818-April 4 – The U.S. Congress adopts the flag of the United States as having 13 red and white stripes and one star for each state (20 stars) with additional stars to be added whenever a new state is added to the Union

7) 1820- May 11 – Launch of HMS Beagle the ship that would later take young Charles Darwin on his scientific voyage

8) 1821- September 27 – Mexico gains its independence from Spain.

9) 1825-September 27 – The world’s first modern railway, the Stockton and Darlington Railway opens in England.

10) 1826- February 13 – American Temperance Society founded.

11) 1829- March 22 – Greece receives autonomy from the Ottoman Empire. This effectively ends the Greek War of Independence. Greece continues to seek full independence through diplomatic negotiations with the Empire as well as with Russia, France and Britain.

12) 1831- December 27 – Charles Darwin embarks on his historic journey aboard the HMS Beagle.

13) 1833-August – The British Parliament passes the Slavery Abolition Act giving all slaves in the British Empire their freedom (enacted 1834).

14) 1840-February 10 – Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom marries Prince Albert of Saxe Coburg-Gotha.

15) 1842- March 30 – Anesthesia is used for the first time in an operation (Dr. Crawford Long performed the operation using ether)

16) 1848- California Gold Rush: James W. Marshall finds gold at Sutter’s Mill, in Coloma, California.

17) 1852- April 1 – Start of Second Burmese War

18) 1857-December 31 – Queen Victoria chooses Ottawa, Ontario as the capital of Canada.

19) 1862- February 6 – American Civil War: Ulysses S. Grant gives the United States its first victory of the war, by capturing Fort Henry, Tennessee, known as the Battle of Fort Henry.

20) 1865- US Secret Service is founded.


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I don’t know if everybody would consider these as THE most important occurrences, but they helped shape today’s world:

1.The Kingdom of Great Britain and the Kingdom of Ireland merge into the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in 1801.

2. Haiti gains independence from France on 1804-01-01, becoming the first black republic.

3. The Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804–1806) opened up the American West.

4.This is the only decade after the 1770s in which no past or future President of the United States was either born or died.


5.Christian Friedrich Nasse formulates Nasse’s law: hemophilia occurs only in males and is passed on by unaffected females. (1823)

6. Human bones are found with those of the woolly mammoth at Paviland Cave on the Gower Peninsula, proving that the two had lived on earth at the same time. (1823)

7.Charles Xavier Thomas de Colmar makes his “Arithmometer”, the first mass-produced calculator in 1820 (maybe that’s when mankind quit using the “calculator” between their ears??)

8. September 27,1825 – The world’s first modern railway, the Stockton and Darlington Railway, opens in England. The 26 mile-long railroad was initially built to connect inland coal mines to Stockton, where coal was to be loaded onto sea-going boats.

9. The first map of the surface of Mars was produced by Johann Heinrich Madler and Wilhelm Beer in 1830.

10. United States Whig Party (a political party) was founded in 1832.

11.Invention of the bicycle by Kirkpatrick Macmillan in 1839.

12. Development of vulcanized rubber by Charles Goodyear


13. The first electrical telegraph sent by Samuel Morse on May 24, 1844 from Baltimore to Washington, D.C.., using the code he developed.

14. Mexican-American War (1846 – 1848) was fought between Mexico and the United States of America. The latter emerged victorious and gained undisputed control over Texas while annexing portions of Arizona, California and New Mexico.

15.Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels write “The Communist Manifesto”, first published on February 21, 1848, explaining a new political idealogy.

16. Charles Darwin publishes “The Origin of Species”, putting forward the theory of evolution by natural selection in 1859.

17.February 22, 1855 – Pennsylvania State University is founded as the Farmers’ High School of Pennsylvania.

18 Kate Warne, the first female private detective, begins to work for the Pinkerton Detective Agency in 1856

19. 1856–Western Union is founded.

20. AMERICAN CIVIL WAR (1860-1865) biggest occurrence of all. It was between the UNION ( all of the free states and the five slaveholding border states and was led by Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Party. ) and the CONFEDERACY (the slave-holding states in the southern USA). Hostilities began on April 12, 1861, when Confederate forces attacked a U.S. military installation at Fort Sumter in South Carolina. Below is a chart of the leaders, etc:


United States of America (“Union”)

Confederate States of America (“Confederacy”, CSA)


Abraham Lincoln, President–Union

Ulysses S. Grant –Union

Jefferson Davis,–CSA

Robert E. Lee –CSA


2,200,000 men–Union

1,064,000 men–CSA


110,000 killed in action,–Union

360,000 total dead,–Union

275,200 wounded Union

93,000 killed in action,–CSA

258,000 total dead,–CSA

137,000+ wounded–CSA

The war, the deadliest in American history, caused 620,000 soldier deaths and an undetermined number of civilian casualties, ended slavery in the United States. The war officially ended when the Confederate resistance collapsed after Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox Court House in April 1865.


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This site has a great time line of major events in US History from 1780 to the present. You can easily pick 20 major events from the period of 1800-1865 from this time line.


This site lists info about major events in American History and covers a variety of time periods.


Hope this helps and good luck!


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slavery ending, civil war, mexican war, war of 1812, louisiana purchase

go to wikipedia and look up a timeline and it will give you all the goods on everything that happened every year