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What are some Great ways to help you study and homework??

Hey i am about to move to a Private School That is one of the best in my state and it is very big on the acedemic side and there iis alot of homework to do and alot of study and progects

i couldnt get myself to finish progects before so i am desperate please help me?

I dont even have a desk should i get one and what else will i need?

Thanks a tone!!!!!!!!!!!

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-pay attention in class

-you don’t necessarily need to get a desk just as long as you have a place to study and do homework with good lighting!

-as far as projects go just make sure you make a plan ahead of time…a checklist maybe with when you want to get things done in advance that way you aren’t struggling to finish it all the day before!

-homework and studying…find a way that helps you study the best…homework? do it? make a schedule of your day and figure out when you have the time to do it and follow through with your plan! studying you just have to figure out your way of learning…it varies from student to student..so you may want to try different things…maybe it’s rereading and taking notes…or rewriting and reorganizing your notes…color-coding your notes? there’s endless possibilities as to how you study best to learn the most and easiest….

hope it helps and good luck!!