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what are bad secrets??

what are they???…can you give an example!!

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a bad secret is something that if you keep it a secret someone will get hurt. Like if your best friend tells you please don’t tell anyone but her father is molesting her, you should not keep this a secret. However, there are ways to go about telling. You don’t spread it to all your friends. You very discreetly tell someone responsible- like a counselor or your mother- and then you explain to your friend that you told the secret because you love her and want what is best for her.

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Mymom! *got his head bitten off*
bad secrets are something that can harm someone or something if you keep it a secret…like if your friend is being abused by a parent…but tell you not to tell…with bad secrets it’s usually better if you tell rather than keep it a secret, good secrets would be like your best friends crush, or a surprise birthday party…no harm is done by keeping those to yourself