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Lady Mate

Using some kind of pictures, such as circles, describe how to do this operation: (2 1/2 )/ (2/3).?

Please include how you divided up each circle and why. Please have a detailed process.

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first you change 2 1/2 out of a mixed number into 5/2 by multiplying 2 x 2 = 4 +1 = 5

Then you use a method i call “copy dot flip”

you copy the first fraction 5/2

the dot is the multiplication

then you flip the second fraction 3/2

then you multiply straight across

(5/2) x (3/2) = 15/4 simplified = 3 3/4


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anna b
not quite so sure what u mean with the “using a picture and circel thing” but when you divide fractions you switch one of them and make it be multiplication like this..

(21/2) / (2/3)

(21/2) x (3/2)

then you multiply the denominator by the denominator etc. like this

21×3=63 and 2×2=4

so you get 63/4 as your answer which is 15.75