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URGENT!!! I need a brief summary for to KILL A MOCKINGBIRD!?

I need a brief summary on the book TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. It would help me out a lot. tBEST ANSWER GOES TO THE 1ST PERSON WITH THE REQUIRED SUMMARY!!!!

plz hurry, i need it by wednesday!!!!!!

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you are loosing a great opportunity to read a great book.

This book raises racial issues in 1930 Alabama. The book is written from a child perspective. The main character Scout (6 years) describes how she observes people around her town. This is such a clever way of writing because its child speaking her mind about what shee sees. She is indirectly points out problems in her town. Through her neighborhood meanderings and the example of their father, they grow to understand that the world isn’t always fair. Scout and her brother Jem’s God-like father, Atticus, is a respected and upstanding lawyer in small Maycomb County. When he takes on a case that pits innocent, black Tom Robinson against two dishonest white people, Atticus knows that he will lose, but he has to defend the man or he can’t live with himself. The case is the biggest thing to hit Maycomb County in years and it turns the whole town against Atticus, or so it seems.

Scout and Jem are forced to bear the slurs against their father and watch with shock and disillusionment as their fellow townspeople convict an obviously innocent man because of his race.


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Perhaps you should read the book.

Additionall answer:

You emailed me telling me you were bad a writing. Here you post that you don’t have time. I suspect you are just trying to get away with something. Not a good form. It is also plagiarism to use some one elses work. By the way, most teachers know to check Y!A for plagiarism.


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here is a summary…

hope this helps. you can rent the movie too. it’s a good book, try to read it or get a copy of the book on cd or tape.


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shannon w
just read the book… its the best one that i read freshman year…. you can at least get your own summary!