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Urgent!!How do you write a monologue?

I need to write a monologue about a famous person in the 7th century by tomorrow.

Any idea who I should write about?

And what sort of things do you have to include/ talk about in a monologue?

I seriously have no clue.

Someone help please!!!!

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A monologue is one form of first-person narration; in it a character knowingly speaks to an audience that is an implied listener or one who is present in the story as a character.

Write a monologue using one of these first sentences:

1) “I should’ve seen it coming when you _________________.”

2) “You want to know why I never _______? I’ll tell you why!”

3) It was the thing I __________ the most.

Person to choose:

Sulpitius the Pious


He was a holy man who stood up for his people and the poor.

You can start it in a dialogue format such as:

You want to know why I never sought riches? I will tell you why! From a young age I was drawn to scripture and study. I believed in good works over wealth and power.

I had a calling to follow God and serve the greater good. I went into the priesthood and Austregisilus, Bishop of Bourges, ordained me a cleric of his church, then deacon, and finally made I was director of his episcopal school.

It was my love of learning and teaching that pressed me further. Clotaire II, King of the Franks, who had heard my merits spoken of, summoned me and made me chaplain of his armies. It was a great honour.

Sadly, my mentor Bishop Austregisilus died and I was soon recalled to Bourges to take his place. I rededicated my life with much zeal and success to re-establish ecclesiastical discipline, for the relief of the poor and the conversion of man.

The inequalities became to much and my conscience as a man of God caused me to interven with King Dagobert in behalf of my flock, of whom a too heavy tax was exacted.

etc. etc. etc. I hope I helped some and didn’t blab on too much!


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The fine monologues are studies. What is a ordinary day for Rita? Tell a tale, as Rita, approximately an afternoon from institution whilst she was once a youngster. Tell a tale approximately how she met her husband, what their first date was once, or how she knew she was once going to marry him. Make certain there’s a starting, center and an finish. Good monologues hold us interested and hold relocating. If you hold the chant ‘this occurred to me’ and simply write it, you’ll be able to edit it later and make it even bigger.

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Just pick somebody you respect and know a bit about….

A monologue is just speaking as if you were that person in first perspective….

In 1400 blah blah i petitioned the queen of england to pay for my voyage..

I would pick christopher walken but, thats just me..


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Your Ex Boyfriend
Place yourself in a seventh century person’s shoes and give them a seventh century situation and ask yoursef what they would do. You are the master and only you can decide! Have some empathy!