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The world is not taking the threat of global warming seriously?

I want to have a debate?? PLZ HELP I WANT IT TILL MONADAY. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Unfortunately they never will! People are greedy and have no concern about what might happen in the next 10 or 20 years. Some scientist say that it is too late already. That in the next 20 years all coastal towns and cities will be under water because the poles are melting. I am at an age where I doubt very seriously that I will be around in the next 20 years, and I hope that the world as we know it comes up with a solution to this problem.

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Thrice Blessed
Do a little research. Start by looking for answers to these questions;

What do scientists say causes Global warming? (You should have more than one answer here, a lot of things contribute to it.)

What evidence supports that?

Are governments doing much to try to stop those causes from continuing to happen?

Are individuals changing their lifestyle to avoid contributing to Global warming?

Since it is a fairly logical premise that if one takes some issue seriously one will act on what one knows, are people taking Global warming seriously?

Sorry, I couldn’t give you the answers, you need to do your own school work, I hope this gives you a framework of what to go to your library and read about.


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Aravind .
Do you know what should we have to do, if we really want to take these thing seriously………… No more Factories,industries ,no more cars,bikes, no more AC,refrigerator,No cutting of trees …..etc etc etc etc…………… Since avoiding these thing have been made practically impossible…….. as technology improves it is bringing adverse effect on our environment…….Few nations are experimenting with atom bombs eventhough they know that they are harmful to the environment……… and this list does not have an end…It keeps on going……… Even though scientist are trying to bring about a solution to these problem( the solutions are still at experiment level)…… We people are like a slow acting poison to our environment……..

This can only be solved if all the people across the globe starts to live life like early man …… phew!!!!…..


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Will the Earth Be Destroyed By Fire?


You might want to know what the Bible says about it.


The majority of people are taking it seriously, but not enough to make a contribution to solving the problem.

We have too many 3rd world countries now trying to keep up with the Joneses. That would be the countries that are presently turning into service countries like the US. We no longer are a country of manufacturing but are a country of dispersing the worlds goods.

We have let these countries go far too long in the money grubbing of the world and have created an event that seems almost unstoppable.

They have polluted our earth our air and our

water. They have begun a process of destruction far greater than the one the US started.

Countries with rain forests are cutting hot and heavy

Unfortunately, rainforests are being cut down at the rate of about 100 acres per minute. Trees are cut down to clear areas for growing crops and raising cattle, and to make into furniture.

The bottom line is, it’s out of control.

More and more countries are beginning to join forces to correct this, no one knows if we are too late though.


Top Ten CO2 Producing Nations



Global Warming


Some scientists are predicting 50 years and the great barrier reef will be dead.

Minister suggests ‘shade cloth’ to protect Great Barrier Reef



…………USING SHADE CLOTH ………………..

is a possible way of assisting in keeping the UV rays from penetrating , I use it to put over my pond to keep my koi from becoming sun burned.


Shade Cloth

50 % to 80% protection from UV rays.


………….MY THEORY………………………..

If every country had every house hold install a piece of shade cloth in their yard of say a 20 ft x 100 ft how many UV rays and how much cooler could the earth become?

Look at the benefits of using this.

(No I don’t sell it) I’m retired but I do use it.

The cost would be nominal and low income families should recieve assistance to install it.

Or better yet the governments could furnish it.


Shade UV-sensitive plants

Shade for livestock and poultry

Shade for outdoor work areas

Greenhouse coverings

Hail protection


Bird netting

Temporary fencing

Truck tarping

Erosion control


Reduces moisture loss from evaporation

Keeps birds at bay

Cuts UV penetration

Cools plants, animals and people underneath

Better ventilation than woven materials

Resists chemical sprays

Light weight is easy on support structure

Water permeable for rainfall and irrigation


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The heating up and coolling down of the world has always occured. Its natural……….

However, we are in the last days and things are heating up. It is in the scriptures we would have bad bad droubts. I see that happening now.

But as far as US doing anything except repenting to change this myth of Global warming… its not gonna happen.

Al Gore is an anti Christ. When you kids gonna get it………… global warming is a LIE.


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