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The Handmaid’s Tale?

Has anyone ever read this book by Margaret Atwood? I need to write a paper on a topic in the book and I need to use 6 sources to back up my argument.

I was thinking of saying how it is impossible for a group to completely overtake our government like they do in the book, but I can’t find any good sources that could back my argument up.

Or if there is any other topic that you think would be good to create an argument about that would be easy to find books as sources?

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Look for parallels to real life, dictators of a country involved in wars, relgious strife and a large segment of the population they can’t trust. It almost always equals some sort of genocide. just like in the book. That should get you the references you need

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The biggest problem is — how can you say something is “impossible” unless it violates the laws of nature? That’s an opinion, and because there’s no way to see into the future, nobody can tell.

A couple of ideas, perhaps: Take the theme of human resistance to tyranny and compare this book to, say, Animal Farm, 1984, the film A Clockwork Orange or The Matrix or any other dystopian (opposite of utopia) novel or film. There might be something there.

Or maybe something along a feminist theme? Pregnancy as the prime function of a woman? The wheel turns; that’s how a woman’s role was defined in the past and maybe in the future?