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The Ancient Greek?

The ancient Greeks are known for celebrating the human body. Do you know of two examples of how this cultural value was expressed in the everyday art forms.

Before answering, be sure you know what “everyday” means, and it does NOT include friezes and statuary. In answering, actually explain the examples rather than just listing them

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The Lysippos which is a sculpture that thrived in the late Classical period between the end of the Peloponnesian War in 404 B.C.E. and the death of Alexander the Great in 323 B.C.E. The sculptor Lysippos was dynamic by 370 B.C.E. and still working ca. 310 B.C.E., a prolonged existence that earned him the name “Lysippos the old man.” Over time in those numerous years, Lysippos is said to have shaped two thousand works of art, but he is known today only through a few Roman copies. One of Lysippos art work’s, The Scraper is a Roman marble copy of the bronze orginal of ca. 330 B.C.E. that was found in Rome.

The Classical Greek civilization was extremely essential to the development of Western civilization as we know today. The Greeks developed a wealthy and lively culture in which those achievements consisted of finest masterpieces of pottery, sculpture, architecture, poetry and drama. Many of these achievements, in which continue to exert a significant influence on the contemporary Western world include in the realistic arts of trade and seafaring, metalwork, coining, and engraving, medicine and athletics, and philosophy, education, and government. Classical Greek civilization was explored the human form, recognizing those realities and constraints of human life, and repeatedly striving to realize ideals. The Greeks invented democracy and left it as a legacy for nations to follow two millennia after Athens’s decline. The Greek ideals of political freedom also served as the basis for the hunt of other ideals, such as justice, truth and beauty. Political freedom was one aspect of the culture’s belief in individual appearance.


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YOU get to do your homework and explain this, but look at the pottery , dishes, home decorations and jewelry.