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Spanish translation for Powerpoint? This is a crisis please help?

Can anyone do me a huge favor of translating my powerpoint to spanish for me?

I don’t know what to do to encourage you to help me other than for me to ask about 6 questions on here, and you answer them all and I will definitely choose you as best answer.

Also, I will offer money you just tell me how much it will be an honor to pay you.

Please help me I really need this powerpoint translated into Spanish, and it has to be done now, because I need to present it tomorrow. Thanks allot, and I will pay whoever wants.

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Powerpoint can do this automatically for you….

1) Highlight your text

2) Go to Tools > Language

3) Select Spanish.

Should this fail, you can use:


to translate from English to Spanish.

Good luck on your presentation,

~ Mitch ~


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Google is the first-rate I’ve determined, however I viewed it a top factor in my Spanish studying while I began to stump the computer. (eg, I might installed “Mi padre es un taco pollo” and get out “I might like ketchup on that, sir!”… ok, now not that word precisely of path, however a absolutely extraordinary which means out of it than what I installed.) As mentioned earlier than, of path, there’s no alternative for studying a language. For a speedy phrase or 2, or making certain that you are announcing stallion as a substitute of hair to your essay approximately horses, a speedy run by way of Google Translate is not unhealthy.

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this website is great! u can type words and phrases in here and select what language you want it in. it is pretty much accurate but may not translate it EXACTLY. try this and i wish i could help but i dont have powerpoint. if u can put the text version up in english, i bet u could get a lot of help. Good luck.