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Some help me!i can’t understand this article !:(?

Some colleges may opt out of rankings

They didn’t call for an all-out boycott, but presidents of dozens of liberal arts colleges signaled their intent Tuesday to stop cooperating with U.S. News & World Report’s college rankings. What that means exactly is not spelled out. Because most college presidents must answer to trustees, faculty and other constituents, “the decision to participate or withdraw from the U.S. News rankings rests with the individual institutions,” says a statement released Tuesday by the Annapolis Group, whose members include 121 liberal arts colleges.Even so, “the majority” of the 80 presidents who attended the group’s annual meeting in Annapolis, Md., “expressed their intent not to participate in the annual … ranking exercise.”

The group also said it would work with other organizations to develop a Web-based alternative to rankings that would provide parents and students with meaningful ways to compare schools. please write me a quick short summary about this~

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This just means that the liberal arts colleges don’t agree with the college rankings from US News and World Report. USNWR makes a list every year of top-ranking colleges and universities, and apparently liberal arts colleges haven’t been doing so hot. Now the liberal arts schools are starting to disagree with the ranks.

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