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Research Paper Topic?

I need a topic for my paper. Something going on in the world today with pro’s and con’s. Also that I can pick a sub topic about it to focus on as a hypothesis. Thanks for anyones help!

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You have sooo much to choose from! The war, global warming, immigration, fairness act. Just listen to AM radio to Hannity and to Limbaugh and you should get some ideas. Good luck! I’m glad I’m not in your position. 🙂

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Do one on something no person else will do —- it truly is almost an computerized good grade, in basic terms for attempting to be creative. How approximately American involvement with WWII before Pearl Harbor..? American ace fighter pilots have been struggling with with the chinese language against the jap, the Flying Tigers. An American military deliver became particularly bombed and sunk in China via the jap. American protection rigidity Intelligence became actively working in England with British Intelligence below the table. Armed US service provider Marine ships everywhere in the Atlantic. American military vessels have been everywhere in the Pacific, the Philippines, even sitting in Darwin Harbor, Australia human beings have been production munitions (gun powder, ammo, explosives) for the British and Allies. 2 New Jersey munitions factories have been particularly blow up via Nazi terrorists. For a rustic no longer AT warfare, we’ve been certainly very busy IN warfare. ***EDIT*** WOW, what staggering solutions – do no longer you like it whilst all of us party! there is a lot importantance related to WWII that the matters are endless. The forty fifth Infantry branch of the Oklahoma military national look after – hundreds of community American volunteers representing over 50 international locations. the U. S. women human beings Air Corp. The Tuskegee Airmen. The Navajo Code Talkers. the quest for Enigma. The infinite forgotten infants and youths of the Greek, Dutch, and different small country resistance. Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who saved hundreds of Jews in finished sight of the Nazis. My very own well known, the Dunkirk Evacuation. infinite matters, infinite heroes.

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