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Research Paper; Please help me?

I have to complete a (6-8pg) research paper for my Juvenile Justice course. The problem is I can’t seem to come with a good subject correlation. I want to stay away from the ordinary topics like capital punishment. Any advice? Anything that would help me brainstorm would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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Juvenile Justice deals with issues dealing with minors in the judicial system so I came up with some national and international issues that pertain to the subject.

I recently read an article that showed children 15 ? being hanged for crimes in Iran. maybe you can do a paper on juvenile justice in islamic countries. That is one idea.

Illegal prostitution of minors in Asian countries.

American innercity street gang initiation,recruitment and appeal to young preteens and teenagers.

Outreach programs to prevent criminal activities and their effectiveness.

I hope these topics help inspire you to come up with your own or use any of the above in revised form.

Sounds like an interesting class.

PS.. another idea is, international human traifficking of minors and international laws that address the practice.


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What about something which investigates the legal age for drinking vs licenced gun ownership and military service…. in USA the legal drinking age is much older than many other countries but the gun licence age is much lower than many countries.

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What about the country’s obsession with wasting taxpayer money on the prosecution of victimless crimes (marijuana)?