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Questions on Story Cask of Amontillado 1846?

1) What is the significance on Montressor’s coat of arms (and family motto) in how does it relate to the story? How does it apply to what happens? Why is it important to the story overall.

2) What is the significance of Fortunato’s costume (aside from the reason he’s wearing it)?

3) I tis suggested that Montressor is telling (narrating) the story to a priest. What in the story could back this up? Or do you believe he’s telling it to someone else and why?

My friend and I are curious about the responses you all will have. People I talk to say many different things about this story! Please explain in detail.

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Moots <3

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Hi! I found this link for you to take a look at! It talks about a couple of the themes you mention above! Btw, it’s awesome that you and your friend are sitting down and talking about something intellectual! If this is for school, you’re probably tired of reading- but, def. check out some of Edgar Allan Poe’s other works! IThey’re very thought provoking! Trust me, great discussions will keep popping up! =)