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Please help me with my writing?

I’m eager to improve my writing. Could you give some advices to one of my essays? I want the followings:

1.The general advices.

2.Some frequent grammatical errors.

The artical is posed here: http://jameswriting.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!E9A1B3DE9AEAF64A!130.entry

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General advice:

Know that each writing situation calls for different structure and language.

Know the audience in which you are writing and their particular thoughts about your topic.

Know why you are writing. What is the purpose? What are you trying to accomplish?

Common grammatical errors:

1. Subject-Verb and Pronoun-Antecedent agreement issues.


Subject-Verb agreement:

One of the students tell a story. (wrong)

One of the students tells a story. (right)

Pronoun-Antecedent agreement:

A writer needs to convey their opinion thoroughly. (wrong)

A writer needs to convey his or her opinion thoroughly. (right)

2. When writing about a written piece, use present, not past tense.


The author presented the evidence. (wrong)

The author presents the evidence. (right)

3. Vague pronouns. Whenever you are using “this” or “that,” make sure you are using them as adjectives and not pronouns. Most of the time, the reader will have difficulty figuring out what you are referring to.


That is cool. (unclear)

That car is cool. (clear)


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There is only one grammatical error. it is there are not and not this: generally, there’re


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