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PLEASE help me with my short stories homework. I cant find the book and its due tomorrow!? (part 2)?

Part Two of Three. Please help me answer these questions. i cant find the book and the assignment is due tomorrow. thanks! =)

“User Friendly”

By: T. Ernesto Bethancourt

6 . The computer being erased and set up as a normal computer is an example of

A. exposition.

B. rising action.

C. climax.

D. resolution.

7 . The protagonist in this story is

A. Louis.

B. Kevin.

C. Chuck.

D. Ginny.

8 . What happens to Ginny when Louis tells Kevin he will take care of her?

A. She falls in love with Kevin.

B. She falls off the bus.

C. She gets some mysterious phone calls.

D. She is arrested.

9 . The main question in our minds creating suspense while reading this story is

A. why is the computer acting so strangely?

B. who is bothering Ginny?

C. who arrested Chuck?

D. where is Kevin’s father?

10 . What does Kevin learn about Louis at the end?

A. He had a short circuit.

B. He was misprogrammmed.

C. He was really Louise and in love with Kevin.

D. He was just playing a game.

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Take the failing grade. Lesson learned is: Be responsible with the book! It’s not the lesson you wanted to learn, but ultimately, it is the lesson you needed to learn. Relax, in the great scheme of life, this failure won’t kill you.

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