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Please! Help…. Hellenistic Civilization?

How can you define hellenistic civilization?

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Culture of ancient Greece.

The term Hellenistic (derived from Hellehn, Ἕλλην in Greek, the Greeks’ word for themselves) was established by the German historian Johann Gustav Droysen to refer to the shift from a culture dominated by ethnic Greeks to a culture dominated by Greek-speakers of various ethnicities, and from the political dominance of the city-state to that of larger monarchies. …



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Don’t know websites but how’s this for one comparison. Romans gave us the senate. the Americans, a leader in western culture, or flagship if you want to call it that, have a senate and senators etc. They borrowed directly from that idea. As a personal opinion America sought to leave behind everything European that did not seem positive and was accrued from the dark ages, a period ridden by superstition. Not that British parliamentary system did not conceive good ideas for the time it was introduced around the 1600s or a little earlier I think just after the dark ages (remember the dark/middle ages lasted 500 CE to 1500 CE roughly) but it probably created a hierarchical system with obvious defects to surface in later years. The Americans never thought about having a prime minister but went ahead with what seemed a foolhardy idea at the time.. to have a president. I remember reading that somebody back then laughed at the suggestion of Ben Franklin of appointing a president, saying Presidents are for cricket clubs and not to run countries. In conclusion, this nation that wanted to do something radically different, American, borrowed directly from the idea of the roman senate where a group of individuals discuss matters informally or semi formally and arrive at the best solution. As for Hellinistic civilization, am afraid I don’t have a great answer except that the greeks were conquerors. Could the same attitude be said to be western, as portrayed by American’s desire to conquer although peacefully in the modern age? Thought these titbits may add some spice in case you’re lacking ideas.

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dictionary.com!!!! there is also a thesaurus on that website, and im pretty sure an encyclopedia!!!!!