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other who participated in japanese internment?

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From 1942, the U.S., with the cooperation of Peru and twelve other countries in Latin America, forcibly uprooted over 2,200 Latin American citizens and residents of Japanese ancestry and incarcerated them in the U.S. internment camps.

No where can I find which SA countries besides Peru had the camps/or complies with the US.



Italian American Internment in the United States during World War II is less known than the internment of Japanese-Americans in the same period.


The problem with wikipedia they have no citations, it just so happens I know this as fact.

Japanese Internment Camps in Canada


I believe “Great Britian” also had some but the US had to ‘rent’ land to put them on because there were so many German prisioners.

The United States also had many German POW camps many of which were in Missouri.

Weingarten and Ste. Genevieve, Springfield.